Once you have established a connection between your accounting software and RBC PayEdge, first select the date from which you would like the outstanding payables/bills from your accounting software should sync with RBC PayEdge account and then click Sync. You can initiate sync either from RBC PayEdge dashboard or on Third Party Integrations page.

Our systems quietly syncs the data in the background and we'll let you know by sending you a confirmation email once the process ends.

On successful completion of the sync, on the RBC PayEdge dashboard you will be able to see a summary of the total number of payables and the total amount of outstanding payables (segregated by currency) which were brought over to RBC PayEdge as part of the sync process.

Click the View button to see a detailed list of all payables with information such as supplier name, currency, amount, remittance note, bill number, due date, accounting software name. You will also be able to view this information under Payments >> Outstanding Payables.

Note: If it is the first time you have brought over outstanding payables to RBC PayEdge, before adding the payables to a Payment Order, please ensure to add a payment method for all the suppliers. Payment method refers to the mode in which the supplier prefers to get paid.

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