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Platform Enhancements - Release Notes
RBC PayEdge Release Notes 2.9 - May 2021
RBC PayEdge Release Notes 2.9 - May 2021

RBC PayEdge Platform Changes as of May 29, 2021

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We are constantly working to improve your PayEdge experience. Here is a summary of changes effective May 29, 2021.

Two-Factor Authentication Code for Sign In (Only via Text Message)

For your added protection and security when signing into your RBC PayEdge account, effective May 29th, 2021, we are removing the option to receive the Two Factor Authentication Code via email. Instead, the Authentication Code will be sent to your mobile phone number. To ensure you receive a code when signing in, kindly update and verify your phone number to an active mobile phone number.

To verify and update your mobile number, follow these steps:

  • Sign into RBC PayEdge

  • Click the setting gear icon

  • Select “Manage Profile”

  • Select “User Settings” and you will be taken to the “User Information” page

  • Click “Change” to add/edit your mobile number and then click “Update” to save your changes

  • Once mobile number is updated, click “Verify

  • Once your mobile number is verified, you will see a green tick against your mobile number

Note: After clicking “Verify”, a window will open up and a verification code will be sent to your mobile number. Input the verification code on screen and click “Submit” to add your number as Verified. For details, please refer to our FAQs

Pending Order(s) Notification for Approvers

To ensure that approvers know which payment orders are pending their approval, when approvers sign in to their PayEdge account, a pop up will notify them of all the orders that require their attention. This will make it easier for approvers to act on those payment orders that require their attention.

Account Number Validation for Bill Payments

To ensure that bill payment transactions are not paused or delayed due to account number validation failure during payment processing, PayEdge has introduced frontend validations for account number when adding a supplier/vendor for bill payment. For details, please refer to our FAQs

Role Based Access Control Enhancements

PayEdge has enhanced the role-permission set for custom roles to include Buyer Dashboard and User Settings as a default permission.

Onboarding in French

Effective May 29, 2021, new businesses can be onboarded both in English and French

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