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Platform Enhancements - Release Notes
RBC PayEdge Release Notes 2.12 - February 2022
RBC PayEdge Release Notes 2.12 - February 2022

RBC PayEdge Platform Changes as of February 26, 2022

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We are constantly working to improve your PayEdge experience. Here is a summary of changes effective February 26, 2022.

Auto Syncing of Bills between Accounting Software and PayEdge

Users will have the option to enable auto-sync of their accounting software with their RBC PayEdge account. Both outstanding payables and paid bills can now automatically sync between a user’s accounting software and their RBC PayEdge account.

To enable auto-sync, follow these steps:

  • Sign into RBC PayEdge

  • Click on the settings gear icon

  • Select “Manage Profile”

  • Select “Third Party Integrations”

  • Select the accounting software you want to enable auto-sync

  • Select the “Action” button and select “Auto Sync” from the dropdown menu

Once enabled, auto-sync will import and reconcile bills from your accounting software every Saturday at 8 p.m. EST.

Note: For time-sensitive payments, users will still have the option to manually sync while auto-sync is enabled.

Updates to Creating a Recurring Order

RBC PayEdge has enhanced the Recurring Order setup process to make it more user friendly, as follows:

  • A tooltip has been added to further explain pre-approving orders.

  • Emails will be sent to users letting them know that their recurring order has been created and may need approval.

  • There are 2 emails that could be sent to a user. One of the following emails will be sent a day before order creation:

    • A notification email advising users that their pre-approved order will be created; or

    • A notification email advising users that their order has not been pre-approved, in which case they will need to sign into RBC PayEdge to approve the order.

Note: If the order requires approval, it will be created as a Pending Approval order, which will then notify your approvers to sign in and approve the order.

Here is an example of one of the Recurring emails.

RBC PayEdge has also updated the “Recurring” section under “Payments >> View all Orders” to include a “Next Order Processing Date” column, which displays the date when the next recurring order will be created.

Additional Information

For additional information contact RBC PayEdge Support at 1-833-945-4292 or

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