A recurring order can only be set up after the first payment/order has been completed to this supplier. Your first payment to this supplier should always be created as a single payment order to ensure other payments are not recurring as well.

Understanding recurring order details

All dates are based on the systems processing timeline, not when the payable needs to be completed.
Below are the required fields to set up the recurring order;

Start Day: The day you want our system to recognize that an order will need to be created based off the Select Day

End Day: The last day you want the order to recur.

Frequency: How often do you want the order to recur?

Select Day: Based on the frequency, select the day you want the order to begin processing/recur.

Note: If Monthly is selected & the day falls on a weekend or holiday, the order will begin processing on the following business day.

Pre-approve an order: There are 2 options when setting up recurring orders;

  1. Selecting yes to Pre-approve Order- When this is selected order with be created under Schedule or Pending Approval status (if there is an approval rule)

  2. Selecting no to Pre-approve Order- When this is selected orders will be created under Draft status and you will have to sign into PayEdge to submit the order for processing.

Note: You will also receive an email 1 day before order creation, reminding you that your recurring order is being generated.

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