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Platform Enhancements - Release Notes
RBC PayEdge Release Notes 2.13 - May 2022
RBC PayEdge Release Notes 2.13 - May 2022

RBC PayEdge Platform Changes as of May 28, 2022

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We are constantly working to improve your RBC PayEdge experience. Here is a summary of changes effective May 28, 2022.

Product Package and Express Consent during Onboarding

To enhance the onboarding experience from a process efficiency perspective, RBC PayEdge has introduced the following as part of the onboarding process.

  1. Select a Product Package: As part of the RBC PayEdge onboarding flow, users will be required to select a Product Package. The Product Package selection page will allow users to select one of the four subscription packages to be added to the profile.

    1. Pay As You Go

    2. Premium

    3. Edge Plus

    4. Custom

2. Consent to RBC PayEdge Agreement: Along with selecting a Product package, users will also be required to provide express consent to RBC PayEdge Terms of Service.

Note, only authorized signor(s) are required to complete this page.

Account Number Validation for CRA Payments

To ensure that CRA payments are not paused or delayed due to account number validation failure during payment processing, RBC PayEdge has added validation for account numbers when creating payments to CRA.

Email Money Transfer Tool Tip for Suppliers

For enhanced payment security, RBC PayEdge has added a tool tip for users to encourage suppliers to set up Autodeposit, when sending Email Money Transfers. Setting up Autodeposit will automatically deposit payments into your supplier’s bank account without the need for them to answer a security question.

Supplier Can Receive Remittance Notifications to Multiple Email Addresses

Users will have the option to add up to 3 email addresses to their supplier profiles to receive remittance notifications. Once the additional email addresses have been added to the supplier profile, the changes are saved instantly. All payment remittances going forward will be sent to all the supplier email addresses added.

Payment Method Identifier During Order Creation

RBC PayEdge has enhanced the order creation process by flagging all suppliers that do not have any payment methods added to their profiles. Additionally, users will be able to see the flagged suppliers that require a payment method in the Outstanding Payables page and the steps on how to add a payment method for these flagged suppliers.

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